Friday, October 23, 2009

An open letter to all the nay sayers:

I keep hearing people tell me “why should your neighbors pay for your healthcare. As my monthly premium is now $800, I do not want anyone to pay my insurance; I want to pay for my own premiums minus the insurance company profits. Everyone’s premiums would go down too, even if they are paid as a tax, the math is the same, take away he profits and we all save.

We already pay for the uninsured and poor, it is call Medicaid, so the middle class is getting skinned twice over. Please there is one thing, and only one thing that is not subject to opinions or points of views, math. To the nay sayers I ask, “PLEASE, for one minute, forget everything anyone ever taught you except your math teacher, let everything else be a blank slate and count and then think.

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