Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 30, 2009 Demonstrations Supporting the Mad As Hell Doctors' Arrival/Event in DC

HEALTH CARE RALLY on SEPT 30  from 6-8pm at the northwest corner of the intersection of HOLLYWOOD and HIGHLAND Let's launch the White Ribbon as a national symbol for the Single Payer Movement. Tie a white ribbon somewhere in your local community!! Do it today! Please join us and people around the country as we rally in support of a Single Payer plan in our own cities. We will be passing out white ribbons to the press, to pedestrians and drivers-by, just as the Mad As Hell Doctors will be doing upon their arrival in DC on the same day, asking for an audience with the President to promote an American Single Payer Plan.  Medical professionals and students, politicians, celebrities, entertainers and citizens, please contact Teri or Kristin if you would like to offer testimonials and/or express your outrage at a corrupted health care system that puts profit before people.  Our message to the President and Congress is clear: The National Universal Health Plan, HR676, is the Solution. We Demand it Now. The "Public Option" is a token, the mandate a trap. It does nothing to make US business more competitive against an international manufacturing base not burden by such mandate. We refuse to see our jobs disappear, our health deteriorate, our personal and collective future in peril just to protect the middle-man.   What we need is real reform that finds immediate savings, controls costs, and accomplishes the moral imperative of true Universal Access. A single-payer plan is the only real path to an American Health Care System that is socially, ethically and fiscally responsible. The president says his most important job is keeping us safe, many more of us will die at the hands of our present system than at the hands of terrorists.  REAL CHANGE NOW GET MAD - STAY MAD! EVERYBODY IN - NOBODY OUT! TIE ONE ON FOR SINGLE PAYER! 
In support of:
Teri Szucs    213-251-3291  
   Kristin Dewey                  626-375-8753

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  1. Demonstration against AHIP--"America's Health Insurance Plans"

    Noon Tuesday 9/22, 601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, DC

    Short walk from Archives Metro station

    Every day, AHIP is spreading money and misinformation around to kill needed reform. Noon on Tuesday, September 22, we'll send a clear message to the insurance company fat cats and the lawmakers who are "joined at the AHIP."

    Bring signs if you can, we'll have some for you if you can't. Tell everyone you know.

    AHIP's members support "tea bag" town hall disruptions and withhold needed care from American families. They want to block real reform and trick or arm-twist our elected officials into giving them our tax dollars. The average big health insurance CEO makes about $1 million a month! They line their pockets by telling people they can't have the care they need. They're bankrupting families and killing people.